Culture is the soul of the brand, an indispensable condition for the sustainability of the business. A good business is not the one that brings the most profit, but the one that has the most place in the hearts of customers. Devoted to customers, because customers are the ones who bring revenue, profit, and jobs to the company, to all officers and employees in the Unis collective.

Mr. Nguyen Nhu Long (general director of the corporation) exchanges and listens to the opinions of customers

As a young enterprise, Unis understands that in addition to the good quality of products and services, customers are the most important prerequisite for the success or failure of an enterprise.

Unis staff give birthday gifts to customers

Over a year of operation, Unis has always taken the motto “Close to customers” as the top value to strive for and is the guideline for all Unis activities. With that orientation, Mr. Nguyen Nhu Long (General Director) and his team embarked on building the company’s culture, starting from the management level and spreading to each employee with 2 professional and professional standards. economic.

Some pictures of Unis and customers

Unis’ goal is not only a trading partner but also a friend and a companion with customers on every step of the way. Unis always wants to be present at every important customer event, watching and supporting customers from the simplest things, from the smallest actions as a sincere thank you Unis sends to customers to tighten the link, close and mutual relationship between customers and Unis in the marketplace as well as in life.

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