On the occasion of National Day September 2, On the occasion of the end of 2018, on the occasion of Unis opening more new branches, but with the aim of Grateful to CUSTOMERS above all, Unis officially launched the program “Around the world together” UNIS” to express and send deep gratitude to customers and close partners who have trusted, accompanied and supported UNIS during the past time.
Accordingly, when you buy UNIS bricks with some product lines 60×60 G, 60×60 G sugar, you will be able to convert accumulated points into foreign tours, extremely attractive destinations such as rich Dubai, Korea dreams or explores sacred Thailand, etc. All are included in the program “Around the World with UNIS”.

The rules are as follows:
– Application period: from September 1, 2018 to October 30, 2018.
-Calculation method: for some product lines 60×60 G, 60×60 G sugar. When you buy 1 Box, the cumulative score is 1 Point.
Award announcement time: expected on November 30, 2018.
-The most important and attractive part, the AWARDS are as follows:
• Receive 1 Dubai tour 5 Days 4 Nights When you have accumulated 5,400 points.

Get 1 trip to Korea 5 days 4 nights right away When you get 2,700 points accumulated.

Get 1 trip to Thailand 4 days 3 nights when you reach 1,100 points.

When you reach accumulated points of 550 points, you will immediately receive 1 gold thread 9999.

Over the past 1 year, Unis has built with you solid houses and monuments, so at the end of 2018, let Unis take you to discover new lands, to touch the ground together. world civilization. Because with Unis “Getting closer to customers” is what makes our brand!

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